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IHC (International Hospitality Committee)

IHC has been welcoming and connecting international visitors to our local community since 1952. IHC is not formally affiliated with any University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign programs.


IHC (International Hospitality Committee) is a volunteer organization founded in 1952 to respond to an increasing international community within Champaign-Urbana. IHC offers programs to help international students, faculty, staff and their families during their stay in the Champaign-Urbana community. The goals of IHC are to promote an enjoyable experience for international visitors, to facilitate their adjustment to their new environment, to aid them in improving their English skills, and to encourage understanding and friendship between local residents and people from other countries.

To do this, IHC offers a variety of programs and activities, such as the International Friends Program, English classes, friendship groups, a lending storeroom, and an annual dinner. IHC groups are composed of community volunteers and the organization works in close cooperation with the International Student and Scholar Services. IHC is guided by its board members. Meet the IHC board members.

Volunteers are always welcome to participate in any of the activities and programs. All are free of charge and may be joined at any time. If interested, find out how to become a volunteer with IHC.


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