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Transfer Out

International students who plan to transfer their SEVIS record to another U.S. institution must fill out the transfer out request form.

Transferring your SEVIS record means that your immigration record is transferred and your SEVIS number will remain the same. This is a separate process from transferring your academic record. If you are not in Active status, please see the FAQ below.


  • F-1 and J-1 students should access the “SEVIS Transfer Out Request” form via iStart

F-1 FAQs

Students in Active status

  • Maintaining status through course registration.
  • Final semester students, after completion of classes, prior to end of grace period (up to 60 days after program end date), prior to leaving the United States.
  • Note: if you are employed on campus or on CPT you must stop working the day before your record is transferred.
  • There should be less than 5 months between program end date and new program start date.

Students on OPT in Active status

  • After the last day of OPT employment, prior to the start of your new program.
  • Note: you must stop working before your record is transferred.
  • There should be less than 5 months between last day of employment on OPT and new program start date.

Students in Terminated status

  • Your new university would need to accept your record in terminated status and agree to assist with a reinstatement to valid status. They must provide written confirmation they will accept the record. Please make an appointment to speak with an ISSS advisor for more information.
  • Students in Completed or Inactive status.
  • Students who are not in F-1 or J-1 status.

Admission letter

  • The letter must be on university letterhead from the new institution.
  • The letter must specify semester of admission or first date of attendance at the new college/university.

School Code (official SEVIS code)

  • Obtain the SEVIS School Code from your new school. A complete code is a 15-character combination of letters and numbers.
  • Confirm that the school code is correct before you submit the e-form.

Transfer-in form (optional)

  • If your new institution requires ISSS to fill out a transfer in form, please include this document with the forms listed above. If your form is electronic, please wait for the transfer out confirmation email from an ISSS advisor for further instructions.
  • Continuing students: Must maintain registration in current semester. Usually students select a date after classes end at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and before classes begin at their new school.
  • Students who have completed a program: SEVIS record must be released within 60 days of program end date and before leaving the United States.
  • Students employed on OPT: Select a date after your last day of employment and before your new program begins. Do not exceed 90 days of unemployment.
  • Check with your new school about their preferred transfer date.
  • Your new school can advise on when your new I-20 will be created. We cannot issue an I-20 once your record is transferred.