University of illinois shuttle service - o'hare to urbana-champaign - FAQs

Q: Is the shuttle service only for new international students?

A: Yes.  Any student who has never studied at the University of Illinois before may register to use the shuttle service.

Q: How much does the shuttle cost?

A: 37 USD per person

Q: What are the payment methods?

A: We accept major credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover).

Q: What are the drop-off points? How do I choose where to get dropped off?

A: On August 16-17 each shuttle will stop at 3 stops on campus: Florida Avenue Residences (FAR), Illini Union and Illini Tower. On August 18-20 each shuttle will stop at 5 stops: Illinois Street Residence (ISR), Illini Union, Illini Tower, Florida/Pennsylvania Avenue Residence (FAR/PAR) and Student Dining and Residential Services. For details on which halls each stop serves, please refer to this list. If you do not see your hall on this list, please contact Jennie ( for more information. If you will be staying at a hotel other than the Illini Union Hotel for your first night in Champaign-Urbana, we would recommend that you get dropped off at the Illini Union stop, as there will be staff and volunteers there to help you get transportation to your final destination.

Q: How many pieces of luggage can I bring?

A: There is space to accommodate two pieces of large luggage, one carry-on and one personal item for each shuttle passenger.  This is in line with standard international luggage guidelines. 

Q: What if I have extra luggage?

A: We understand that some students might have more than two large pieces of luggage, and we can accommodate a number of reservations that might require extra luggage. Please keep in mind that the luggage must still be standard size and weight for international travel.

Q: Is there a fee for extra luggage?

A: Yes, each student will be charged 5 USD per each piece of extra luggage.  This fee will be charged upon arrival to the O’Hare Airport and must be made by credit card at the shuttle check-in table.  No cash payments will be accepted.

Q: Will I receive a confirmation email after making my reservation?

A: Yes.  If you do not, please contact Jennie at and she will email a copy of your confirmation.

Q: Where do I go once I arrive to O’Hare?
A: All shuttles will depart from Terminal 5 at the O’Hare International Airport.  Terminal 5 is the airport’s international terminal, so your flight will likely land there if you are coming from an international location.  If your flight does not arrive to Terminal 5, you will need to use the Airport Transit System (ATS) to get to Terminal 5.  The ATS is a train system that stops at each of the airport’s terminals.  There is no charge for using the ATS.
Once you arrive at Terminal 5, you will need to check in at the University of Illinois table.  At the table a staff member or volunteer will check your reservation and passport and give you a ticket that you will need in order to board the bus.  They will also tag your luggage with colored tape that will correspond to your drop-off point.

Q: What does the bus look like?
A: The buses will be provided by the Peoria Charter Coach Company.  The buses will say “Peoria Charter” on the side and will be red, white or Illini orange.  Since Peoria Charter also has other shuttle buses leaving the airport each day, the buses for the University of Illinois Shuttle Service will also have signs indicating that they are specifically for this service.

Q: How will I find the shuttle check in?

A: The University of Illinois table at O’Hare will be manned by staff and volunteers wearing orange University of Illinois shirts.  There will also be balloons, smiling faces and lots of orange and blue!

Q: Is there internet at O’Hare?

A: Yes, Boingo wireless is available for a fee if you wish to connect using your personal electronic devices.

We know how important it is to keep in contact with your family and friends, so we will have a courtesy table in the shuttle check-in area offering access to laptops and internet free of charge.  There will be a time limit on computer usage, in an effort to be fair to all students.

Q: What if my flight is delayed?

A: The University of Illinois cannot be held responsible for shuttles missed due to flight delays.  However, if you do miss your shuttle for any reason, we will do our best to accommodate you on the next shuttle.  Please keep in mind that there may be a long waiting time between shuttles.

Q: Are there refunds?

A: Under certain circumstances, it may be possible for a payment to be refunded.  Please contact Jennie at: to request a refund.

Q: Can my family members take the shuttle?

A: Yes, up to three family members accompanying a student are allowed to sign up for the shuttle service.  Each family member’s ticket will cost 37 USD, and each reservation must be made separately through the online system.

Q: What is my housing assignment?

A: Please contact University Housing ( for information about your housing assignment.

Q: I am living in Private Certified Housing, when can I move in?

A: Please refer to the Private Certified Housing website page to determine if you will need early arrival and to determine early arrival eligibility.

Q: How do I choose shuttle time?

A: We generally recommend that students choose a shuttle time that is two hours after their scheduled arrival time, as this generally allows enough time to clear passport control and customs. Please see this link for a full schedule of shuttle times.

Q: Who will be waiting for me at the ORD?

A: The welcome area and shuttle check-in table will be staffed by Illinois staff members as well as volunteers from the Chinese Student and Scholar Association.

Q: Is International Student and Scholar Services the only office working on this project?

A: The University of Illinois Shuttle Service is a collaboration between International Student and Scholar Services, Chinese Student and Scholar Association, Illini Union, University Housing, Campus Recreation, and Inclusive Illinois. 

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