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Mailing options

ISSS or your Host Unit can mail your new documents to you. There are two options you may use.

If you require a travel signature on your document to re-enter the U.S., please submit a Replace/Reprint I-20 request via iStart and select 'travel' as the reason. ISSS has been granted temporary permission from SEVP to send F-1 documents electronically and will send a signed I-20 via e-mail during this time. DS-2019s must still be signed in ink and mailed, so we will work with J-1 students to send these documents by post.

If you've been notified by ISSS that we can mail a specific document to you, please choose from one of the options below.

NOTE: If you purchased a shipping label recently, and no longer need to use it, please contact eShipGlobal directly to discuss cancellations and refunds.


Air mail (USPS)

Documents can be sent to you via air mail at no cost. You will need to include a mailing address in your application. If you are communicating with ISSS via e-mail about your mailing option, please provide a mailing address in your e-mail response. Transit times for USPS vary and depend upon the destination; you should allow 6-8 weeks for your document to reach you if you are outside of the US, and up to 2 weeks within the continental US. You should only choose Air Mail if you have ample time to receive your document. Also, please note that there is no tracking number available with regular US mail or Air mail so you will not able to track your shipment.

Express mail (UPS, FedEx, DHL)

Students must create an account and purchase their shipping label through eShipGlobal (please see below for more information).

Important note

When you get to the ‘University Selection’ screen, select ‘University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’.  This will take you to the ‘Department Selection’ screen where you should select ‘INTL Student & Scholar Services’.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of the e-form in iSTART, there will be drop-down option for ‘Pick Up Method’ – select ‘I would like ISSS to mail me my I-20.’ Another drop-down box will appear for the next field ‘Mailing Method’ – select the appropriate option.

If you choose ‘UPS/FedEx’:
A paragraph will appear and you will need to click on ‘University Express Mail Services’. This will redirect you to to the eShipGlobal website, where you can complete your shipping information for either UPS or FedEx. Your label will be automatically sent to us.

Once you have completed all of the shipping information, come back to your application in the iSTART system and select ‘I have created my shipping label.’

If you choose ‘USPS’:
Please enter the mailing address.

Once the document is ready, send an e-mail to and confirm which mailing option you would like to use. If you would like to use USPS, send the mailing address. If you would like to use express mail, please visit eShipGlobal and purchase a label.

Faculty, Staff & Scholars

Faculty, staff, and scholar documents are mailed by the hosting or hiring department. Please contact your department for more information.