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Important reminders for department contacts

Contact updates

Please notify our office if there is a change in the contact person(s) for your unit.

Lead time

Due to the heavy demand for immigration documents, please allow as much time as possible for processing by the ISSS office. If the individual will be coming from abroad, bear in mind that he/she will need time to obtain an entry visa. In some locations this is a one-day process. In other locations it can take several weeks. Certain changes of status processed in the U.S. can take several months.

Procurement forms

Procurement forms needed to request processing from our office are available on the Scholar Forms page. All information requested on our procurement forms is necessary for the preparation of the particular application. In order to avoid delays, please make sure that all information is provided before submitting the form to our office. An incomplete form will cause processing delays. All sections of the form should be filled in and any and all attachments and a voucher included.

Fee payments

ISSS fees. Use a Journal voucher for ISSS fees. Attach a copy of the FGIDOCR page to the procurement form and forward it directly to our office. NOTE: We cannot accept payment from the alien and cannot accept personal checks from anyone.

Immigration fees. USCIS currently accepts personal checks, university checks, and money orders. See USCIS Fee Schedule.

Check-in of new visitors

Please make sure that new visitors sign up for a orientation session and bring all required documentation to the ISSS office. See Post-Arrival Procedures for details.