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Student Forms


ISSS has been granted temporary permission from SEVP to send F-1 documents electronically and will send a signed I-20 via e-mail during this time. DS-2019s must still be signed in ink and mailed, so we will work with J-1 students to send these documents by post.

Document processing times: Up to five business days after receiving a complete application, and if all information in the e-form is correct. Please note that any follow-up to the application will increase processing times further. Students are encouraged to plan ahead as much as possible, especially for time-sensitive requests. Students should submit applications well in advance of any deadlines to ensure that they are maintaining their immigration status.

Expedite requests: Due to the high volume of applications our office receives, ISSS cannot expedite requests at this time.

Can I get an update about my document? Once a complete application has been sent to ISSS, you should hear back within five business days, as stated above. Please DO NOT call the office or send an e-mail about your pending request, as the ISSS Front Desk will not be able to provide an update on the status of your document. If your form required department/college approval but still shows up as 'incomplete' in iStart, this means the department/college hasn't submitted their section yet - please reach out to them directly for more information. If you believe you will fall out of F-1 or J-1 status due to a form not being processed soon, please contact ISSS.

Access iSTART

iSTART is the ISSS case management system for international students and scholars.  It is comprised of e-forms which allow students and scholars to make electronic requests to update their I-20 or DS-2019.  It also allows ISSS to ensure integrity in managing records and personal information for our student and scholar population.

If you are experiencing any issues accessing a specific e-form, or routing your form to your academic advisor, please e-mail

Tips for a successful application

  • Apply early! Some requests are time-sensitive, and it generally takes ISSS up to five business days to issue a new document.
  • If you are required to list/prove funding in your application, make sure you have met the minimum funding requirements.
  • Route your form to the correct second approver (advisor). Some departments require you to send the e-form to a specific advisor; if you are unsure who this is, check with your department or college.
  • You will receive a series of e-mails once you have submitted the application. Your document is ready when you receive the final approval e-mail. Please only contact ISSS if it has been over five business days since the e-form was submitted to our office, and you have not received the approval e-mail.
    • E-mail A: Confirms that the form has been submitted either to the ISSS office or routed to your advisor.
    • E-mail B (sent only if form needed a second approver): Confirms that your advisor has submitted the form to ISSS.
    • E-mail C: Approval e-mail. Student can pick up the new I-20 or DS-2019 the next business afternoon.
  • If you need your document mailed, please make sure you choose the correct mailing option, and provide the correct mailing address.


Some requests in iSTART ask for students to verify funding sources for their expenses. For some requests, students may also be asked to submit proof of funding. Visit the Calculating Funding page for more information.


The following are the types of online services available for international students through the iSTART system.

F-1 Student & J-1 students

  • Address Update
  • Reprint Request
  • Program Extension
  • Biographical Information Update (Name/Country of Citizenship)
  • Funding Update
  • Change of Field of Study (Undergraduate)
  • Reduced Course Load
  • Change of Graduate Program (for graduate students changing their level and/or field of study)
  • Add a Dependent
  • Transfer Out
  • Resuming Studies at the University
  • Reinstatement

F-1 students only

  • Curricular Practical Training
  • Optional Practical Training
  • OPT Re-request (to change or cancel a previous OPT request
  • OPT STEM Extension (additional 24 months)
  • Cap-Gap Extension
  • E-forms for OPT/OPT STEM Reporting
    • OPT: Employer Information Update
    • OPT: SEVP Reset
    • OPT: Unemployment or Permanently Leaving US
    • 6/12/18/24 Month STEM Participation Reporting
    • OPT STEM: Final Evaluation

J-1 students only

  • Academic Training


  • Change of Status to F-1
  • Change of Status to J-1

Guides & Info Sheets

  • Change of Status: Dependent to Student [Download ]

    Use these instructions when filing a Change of Status to F-1 request to USCIS. Whilst the instructions specifically pertain to changing from a dependent status (F-2, H-4 etc) they can be used for changing from any eligible status to F-1.

  • Change of Status: Student to Dependent [Download ]

    Use these instructions when filing a Change of Status to F-2 request to USCIS. Whilst the instructions specifically pertain to changing from a student status (F-1) they can be used for changing from any eligible status to F-2.

  • Change of Status: F-1 to J-1 [Download ]

    Use these instructions when filing a Change of Status from F-1 to J-1.