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Departmental fees

ISSS processing fees are interdepartmental fees paid by campus units to ISSS. These fee amounts are available to departmental contact people.

Checks for USCIS filing fees should be payable to Department of Homeland Security.

USCIS Filing Fees

For the most commonly used applications paid for by the university.


  • $460 for petition filing fee (new H-1Bs and H-1B extensions)
  • $500 anti-fraud fee for new employment (new H-1Bs only)
  • $2,500 premium processing fee (optional expedite request, sometimes payable by the employee)


  • $56 cash if obtaining initial or renewed TN upon entry from Canada (payable by employee)
  • $460 filing fee if applying or extending by mail rather than reentry

Legal Permanent Residency (LPR)

  • Attorney’s fees vary & will be determined after application is reviewed
  • $700 I-140 filing fee
  • $2,500 for premium processing (optional expedite request, sometimes payable by the employee)

NOTE: University checks should NOT be issued for I-485 Adjustment of Status fees ($1,140) or I-539 Change of Status fees ($370). These are personal fees which must be paid by the employee.