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F-1/J-1 Students

A requirement of maintaining F-1 or J-1 status in the US is reporting a valid address as your place of residence while in the US. Failure to do so can result in serious consequences, including the termination of your visa status.

To update your address, please use iStart, the new ISSS portal for all requests and edits to your immigration record.  Click on ‘Biographical Information’ then ‘Address Update’. You will see the address that is currently being reported, as well as a fillable form allowing you to change this information. Once you’ve updated your address, just click ‘submit’. Updating this information should only take a minute, but is an important part of maintaining your status. Please note that non-Illinois addresses, department addresses, or PO Boxes will not be accepted.



If you are a student and are NOT in J-1 or F-1 status, you must report address changes by sending form AR-11 to USCIS.  To download this form and obtain mailing instructions or to submit the form electronically, refer to this website. We still recommend also updating ISSS through the iStart portal. Log in using your netID, then click on ‘Biographical Information’, then ‘Address Update’. You will be able to review the current information we have on file, and make changes if necessary. If you have filled out this form recently, you can select ‘new’ at the bottom of the page to make new changes.

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