international student checklist

After completing Check-in at ISSS, please complete the following checklist prior to the start of class. Not all items are applicable to all students. If you have any questions, please contact us!


ID Center | Illini Union Bookstore (1st Floor) | 809 S. Wright Street | (217) 244-0135 |

Obtain your i-card at the ID Center.  You must present your University ID number and proof of identity to obtain your i-card.


You will need to obtain your NetID and set your password online in order to have computing access on campus. You will be asked for your name, UIN, and date of birth.


Students in F-1 and J-1 status are required by federal law to report a local address and update their addresses within 10 days of moving.  This can be done via iStart. Please visit the Address Update page for more information on how to update your US local address.



  • Graduate Students should report to their departments and attend any required orientation sessions.
  • Undergraduate Students should schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss your academic plan if needed.


Course registration is done online, through U-I Integrate. For assistance, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

NOTE: In order to maintain your F-1/J-1 nonimmigrant status, you must be registered for a full course load each semester. In the Fall and Spring semesters, the minimum credit requirement will be 12 credit hours. If Summer is your first semester of study, then a full course load is 6 hours. With permission, you may be granted a reduce course load prior to registering below full time. For more information and exceptions, look for the handout labeled "Guidelines to a Full Course of Study".


McKinley Health Center Immunization and Travel Clinic | 1109 S. Lincoln Avenue | (217) 333-2702

*Please make sure you have your i-card before visiting McKinley Health Center*

All new international students are required to undergo TB screening and have their immunization records reviewed by McKinley Health Center staff. Some students may be required to take the Quantiferon TB Gold test. For more details, review the TB packet that will be given to you after you complete your check-in with ISSS.

We want to help make this process stress-free. We will be able to collect your medical/immunization forms and provide the necessary TB testing required by the University of Illinois and McKinley Health Center.


Student Insurance | 1109 S. Lincoln Ave.| (217) 333-0165 |

All registered students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the U of I Student Health Insurance Plan. If you wish to be exempt from the insurance or add a dependent, please contact the Student Health Insurance Office. You may also visit their website for information about enrollment/change dates, as well information about when coverage becomes effective each semester. You are strongly encouraged to purchase health insurance for any accompanying family members, which can be purchased during the Enrollment/Change Period.

Visit the following pages for general information about student health insurance and frequently asked questions.


Students are often required to register for the EPT. Review your admission letter to confirm if you are required to take the test. Failure to complete EPT testing may result in a hold on your course registration for future semesters.

employment information

If you have on-campus employment, you must complete Section 1 of the I-9 via the Tracker system no later than your first day of work for pay (access provided by hiring unit). Form I-94 will be needed - paper Form I-94 (front and back) OR Electronic Form I-94 (accessible from

ID Center | Illini Union Bookstore (1st Floor) | 809 S. Wright Street | (217) 244-0135 |

If you have on campus employment and you do not have an SSN at this time, you will need to request a TCN from the i-Card office. You will need to provide your hiring department with the TCN, to process your employing paperwork. This is a temporary number and will be replaced with your SSN once it is obtained.

If you have on campus employment, you will be eligible to apply for an SSN. For information regarding Social Security eligibility and application procedures, pick up a handout from Resource Area entitled Applying for a Social Security Number.

J-1 WORK AUTHORIZATION LETTER (J-1 students sponsored by UI only)
J-1 students must obtain a work authorization letter from their program sponsor prior to beginning any employment on-campus. J-1s sponsored by U of I may obtain this letter at ISSS. Students with sponsorship other than the U of I must contact their program sponsor to obtain this letter.



Join us for the ISSS Orientation for all new interational students in Spring 2017!



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