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International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) is committed to providing services for students, staff, and the campus community by fostering awareness and appreciation of the rich diversity at the University of Illinois.

ISSS offers trainings to help students, faculty, and staff learn how to contribute to the creation of a more culturally inclusive university environment. Our trainings are designed to help the campus community gain a foundation in cultural competence so that they can better engage with and meet the needs of students and peers from diverse cultural backgrounds. ISSSTRAINS offers certificates to participants upon completion of each training track, consisting of four modules. You can attend our campus-wide trainings or work with us to schedule a custom training for your team..

If you are interested in scheduling a custom training for a staff retreat or student group, please fill out this form. The ISSSTRAINS team will review the form and contact you to setup a consultation to discuss the training outline. Additional questions can be emailed to the ISSS Training, Operations and Programs branch at


Express Orange Tracks
Tuesday, 10/08/2019
Pick a time: 9AM - 12Noon or 2PM - 5PM
507 E. Green St., Room 411

After this information-rich and interactive track, you will be able to overcome Stumbling Blocks to intercultural communication, communicate more effectively across languages, and understand and work across communication style differences. More info about the Stumbling Blocks, Communicating Across Languages, and Communication Styles modules can be found here. Space is limited, so feel free to register right now.

Express Blue Tracks
Tuesday, 10/29/2019
Pick a time: 9AM - 12Noon or 2PM - 5PM
507 E. Green St., Room 411

After this information-rich and interactive track, you will be able to apply intercultural concepts to your work in a culturally sensitive and emotionally intelligent manner. More info about the Intercultural Concepts, Developing Empathy and Mindfulness, and Cultural Considerations in the Workplace modules can be found here . Space is limited, so feel free to register right now.

Every session comes with a bonus Gray SuperExpress Track: International demographics, ISSS services, and campus resources.

Intercultural Spotlight: Understanding Students and Scholars from Nigeria
November- Date/Location TBD

Intercultural Spotlight: Understanding Students and Scholars from China
November- Date/Location TBD

Intercultural Spotlight: Understanding Students and Scholars from India
November- Date/Location TBD

The Intercultural Spotlights feature students and scholars from around the world sharing about their home country, cultures, family dynamics, educational expectations, academic systems, their Illinois experience, and more. Register today! so we can let you know where this event will be held.

Module Descriptions

Communicating Across Languages

Participants will undergo a language learning simulation that will help them discover new skills for speaking and listening across different languages.

Developing Empathy & Mindfulness

Participants will encounter a hands-on exercise that utilizes a model for systematically and strategically approaching cultural learning.

Stumbling Blocks in Intercultural Communication

Participants will identify and evaluate habits, mindsets, and perspectives that serve as barriers, also known as “stumbling blocks,” to effective intercultural communication and will leave the workshop with practical tips for overcoming them.

Fundamental Intercultural Concepts

Participants will be provided with an overview of basic concepts related to cross-cultural understanding and intercultural communication, including what culture is, as well as how cultural values shape our personal perspectives and the ways in which we interact with others.

International Student Perspectives

Join us for a student led presentation about culture followed by a discussion. This is the perfect opportunity for participants to get to know our students better and to listen to individual student stories. This module can also be offered in panel format.

Exploring communication styles

Participants will learn how culture can affect communication, and explore a variety of communication style differences.

Pronouncing Names & Common Greetings

Participants will learn how names are structured in some common languages and improve their pronunciation of some of the most common names on our campus.

Cultural Considerations in the Workplace

Participants will apply intercultural communication theories to workplace interactions, with an emphasis on workshopping issues in your specific context.

Stages of Intercultural Development

Participants will learn how to identify and address varying levels of intercultural understanding among peers. They will also reflect on their own place on the spectrum of intercultural awareness and discover ways to adopt a more culturally sensitive mindset.

International Student Resources

Participants will look at the international student as a whole person, identify a variety of their needs, and offer resources and references you can share with international students.

Overview of ISSS

Participants will receive a basic overview of ISSS programs and services to gain a better understanding of the ways in which our office can serve as a resource for their international students.

International Student Demographics

Participants will receive an explanation of trends in international student enrollment at the University of Illinois.


  • Office of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Micro and Nanotechnology Lab, College of Engineering
  • Illinois International
  • Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL)
  • iSchool
  • University Housing
  • Private Certified Housing
  • Accounting Leadership Academy
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • New Student Programs
  • Illinois Leadership Center
  • University Library
  • Graduate College
  • Career Services
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations (OIIR)

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