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Q. My student has questions about their immunization records. Who can they speak to for more information?
McKinley Health Center

Q. How and when do students get their grades?
At the end of each semester, students may view their grades online on Student Self-Service. Please remember only your student is able to access this information unless they have signed the written consent form.  For more information on grades visit the Office of the Registrar website. 

Q. Who gets the bills?
The University views your student as an adult, and is required by federal law to protect his or her privacy as such.  Students (and Authorized Payers) must retrieve their student account billing information online. Once a month, the University of Illinois e-mails students and Authorized Payers, reminding them to view their student account for recent activity and to pay any amount due by the due date.  The student account is available online for students and Authorized Payers to view and print, and includes all student account transactions such as: payments received, and charges and credits for tuition, fees, and housing.  The University does not mail paper billing statements.  The tuition and fees charges are assessed soon after students arrive on campus and have to be paid in a fairly short period of time. Deciding who will write the first big check is important. If you have questions about bills or payments, visit the USFSCO website or call (217) 333-2180 (Phone hours are 8 a.m.- 5 p.m., Monday-Friday).

Q. What are the drawbacks to dropping University Health Insurance?
The University requires all students be covered by health insurance and provides a group health insurance plan for which the fee is automatically assessed along with other tuition and fees. The important benefit of the University insurance is that coverage will not be dropped if your student becomes a part-time student. Many private or group health insurance plans through employers require proof each semester of full-time status to be eligible for coverage. Emergencies or unplanned pregnancies may cause students to no longer maintain full-time status at a time when they need insurance the most. Check the Student Health Insurance website for questions you should ask your health insurance carrier before applying for an exemption. Note the exemption from the Student Insurance Fee is good for one academic year. You will need to complete and submit an exemption for each academic year.

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