calculating funding

Some requests in iStart ask for students to verify funding sources for their expenses. For some requests, students may also be asked to submit proof of funding.

Expenses on your I-20 or DS-2019 may include the following:

  • Tuition and Fees
  • Living expenses
  • Dependent expenses (spouse and children)

Funding is usually calculated for one year for F-1 students and for the duration of the program for J-1 students. Information about the required expenses for a student's program is available in the specific e-form. Students can also contact the Office of the Registrar for more information about expenses.

Please see guidlines below when submitting documentation for funding.

General Guidelines for all funding proof

  • Funding should be liquid
  • Proof of funding document should have been issued in the last 6 months (some exceptions may apply)
  • Proof of funds should be in USD (if this is not possible, please contact ISSS)
  • Documents should be in English (if this is not possible, please contact ISSS)

Additionally for bank statements:

  • Should clearly state account holder's name
  • Should show account number
  • Attach an affidavit of support (for personal sponsors who reside in the US only)

Additionally for letters from academic departments (assistantships, etc.):

  • Should be on unit letterhead
  • Should clearly show name and signature of person who signed form
  • If appointment is renewable, this should be clearly indicated in the letter. Otherwise, ISSS will only be able to calculate funding for the time period listed in the letter
  • Should either have a monthly or yearly stipend/salary listed
    • If monthly, make sure the letter also indicates how many months out of the year the student is paid (i.e. 9,11,12)

Additionally for letters from a sponsoring agency:

  • Letter should specify the amount of money that you will receive and the duration of the scholarship. Also, if the University will be billing your sponsor directly for tuition and fees, ask that your sponsor provide a billing authorization to University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations (USFSCO).

Calculating Funding on OPT

If you need to update the funding on your I-20 while on OPT and will be using "employer funds", please submit an employment letter (not earnings statement):

  • On employer letterhead
  • Include dates of employment
  • Include annual salary (preferred) or monthly salary

IMPORTANT: If uploading multiple sources of funding into the iStart e-form, please combine documents into one PDF document to upload.

Students who have questions about their expenses, funding, or documentation for funding should contact ISSS.


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