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Most units on campus have a designated individual who serves as that unit's liaison or "visa contact person" with the ISSS office. The contact person maintains information relating to visa matters, contacts ISSS for information and initiates many procedures such as J-1 and H-1 procurement, extensions, changes, and green cards, and usually assists with preparation of the paperwork required for various procedures.

It is most often the contact person who consults ISSS when an international person is being considered for a position. Although we will discuss procedures and options with faculty members and international visitors, a particular procedure can only be initiated by the contact person with authorization of the department head.

A few units have never dealt with visa issues and have no designated contact person. In some larger units visa work is delegated to more than one person, but we wish to retain one individual as our contact. This person will be in our e-mail group and will receive important updates and other notices relating to immigration issues.

The ISSS office needs to be notified if a new contact person is designated for your unit.

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