scheduling an appointment


How do I schedule an appointment with a student advisor?

  • call (217) 333-1303
  • stop by the ISSS office in-person
  • use the Online Scheduling system to book an appointment


  • The Online Appointment Scheduling system may not show complete appointment availabilities. If you are unable to find a time using the system, please call or stop by the ISSS office to request an appointment time.
  • Phone appointments are available for students who are currently not on campus. We are unable to take appointments via Skype at this time.

**Please note that Online Scheduling system is only available to international students at this time. International faculty, staff and scholars should call the Faculty, Staff and Scholar Office directly to schedule an appointment.**

what are ISSS appointment times?

Monday to Friday
Morning -- 10:00am - 12 noon (last appointment begins at 11:30am)
Afternoon -- 1:30pm - 4:00pm (last appointment begins at 3:30pm)

How long is an appointment?

Generally 30 minutes.

ISSS Response Team

A walk-in advisor is available for emergencies and time-sensitive situations. During these hours, an ISSS advisor will be able to meet students without a scheduled appointment. 

9:00am - 12 noon
1:00pm - 4:00pm

Students with emergencies outside of these times can still call or visit ISSS for assistance.

Other Information

  • Consult ISSS first for all immigration concerns and questions
    • Sometimes you will obtain information from friends, family, and various websites.  Although this may be convenient, it is possible that the information may not apply to your specific situation.  Never hesitate to set up an appointment with an ISSS advisor.
  • Advising appointments are also available for spouses and families of international students regarding immigration, cultural, social, and educational needs. When scheduling an appointment, please indicate this as the reason for the appointment.

faculty, staff, and scholars

How do I schedule an appointment with a Scholar advisor?

Please call or stop by the Faculty, Staff, and Scholar Office

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